Golden Shears World Council


Congratulations to France for a successful bid to host the next world championships to be held in LeDorat, France 2019.

The championship will be held in July and this site will confirm dates and information over the next 12 months.

Well Done France!

The Council

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A history of golden shears world council (2013)

Golden Shears World Council was formed in the small (population 3000) Australian country town of Euroa on October 27, 1980. Euroa was home to the Australian Golden Shears from 1974 until 1984 when the Australian Workers Union (AWU) applied a ban on competition with New Zealand effectively ending the event.


World Champion

John Kirkpatrick

from Napier , Hawkes Bay, NZ 
- winner of the World Shearing Championships 2017 

held in Invercargill