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World Shearing Council’s Golden Shears postponed till 2023 

6 November, Edinburgh - The Royal Highland and Agricultural Society of Scotland (RHASS) and the Golden Shears World Shearing Council Executive have announced that the Golden Shears World Shearing & Wool Handling competition, due to take place at the 2022 Royal Highland Show, is to be postponed until 2023. 

The joint decision was taken in order to protect the integrity of the competition amid the uncertainty relating to staging of events in 2021, both in Scotland and in other shearing nations. 

The Golden Shears World Shearing & Wool Handling Championships is a global competition featuring competitors from over 30 countries. 

Commenting on the postponement, RHASS Chairman Bill Gray said: 

“Although we are disappointed to reschedule, we know it is a necessary step to ensure we can host a successful Golden Shears event. RHASS and the Golden Shears World Shearing Council Executive have put careful thought into what is required to ensure the competition is the very best it can be. 

“Postponement to 2023 will allow us time beyond current Covid-19 restrictions to build towards our shared goal of an inclusive and memorable World Shearing & Wool Handling Championship. Meanwhile, as we plan for the 2021 Royal Highland Show, we remain committed that shearing will feature in the show line up.” 

George Graham, Chairman of World Shearing Council, added: 

“After much consultation with RHASS it was decided that the decision to postpone was the best step towards planning a successful Golden Shears championships. With extra time to prepare, we can ensure that all qualifying events and the championships can take place as safely as possible.”

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A history of golden shears world council (2013)

Golden Shears World Council was formed in the small (population 3000) Australian country town of Euroa on October 27, 1980. Euroa was home to the Australian Golden Shears from 1974 until 1984 when the Australian Workers Union (AWU) applied a ban on competition with New Zealand effectively ending the event.


World Champion

John Kirkpatrick

from Napier , Hawkes Bay, NZ 
- winner of the World Shearing Championships 2017 

held in Invercargill