Here you will find the council resources. These include Championship rules, the consistution, and the Golden Shears international sheep shearing rules.

World Woolhandling Championship Rules

  • Approved 2017
  • This document outlines the framework under which all World Woolhandling Championships, as established under the Golden Shears World Shearing and Woolhandling Championships, will be contested.

The Constitution of The Golden Shears World Council General Laws

  • Approved 2017
  • To promote and encourage interest in wool and in the art and skill of blade (hand) and machine shearing and wool handling.

Golden Shears International Sheep Shearing Rules

  • Approved 8 February 2017
  • A draw for Heats will be made prior to all competitions.

Golden Shears World Championship regulations

  • Approved Sept 2017
  • The competition will be conducted according to these Golden Shears World Championship Rules which set out the terms and conditions for Golden Shears World Championship machine and blade shearing and woolhandling competitions.

Gavin Mutch shearing

Gavin Mutch on his way to victory.